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7 O clock Movie Review

Category: Movies Kannada
Title: 7 O clock  PopularRating: 2 out of 10  
Description   Director :Santosh Rai Pathaje
Producer :N.M.Suresh
Music :Madhukar
Cast :Mithun Tejaswi, Pooja Kanwal, Nithya, Neha, Ramakrishna
Average Ratings: (1) (10)
Review submitted: 2006/2/14

Overall Rating: Category Ratings: 4Category Ratings: 4Category Ratings: 4Category Ratings: 4Category Ratings: 4Category Ratings: 4 4

Debutant director Santosh Rai Pathaje has reworked the old film 'Beladingala Baale' that had come a decade ago and managed to make this film which is good in parts.

Nitya (Pooja Kanwal) loves to play pranks by calling someone everyday morning and making them a 'Bakra'. But one day she gets trapped by Rahul who is over smart. Soon Rahul and Nithya decide to meet at 7 O clock in the railway station. Nithya says she is coming in yellow churidhar and Rahul says he will be wearing a blue shirt. Nithya is a budding doctor while Rahul is a painter who wants to meet his lover and then complete one of his paintings. Rahul has a mobile and Nithya is averse to mobile phones. At the dot of 7 O clock the train fails to come as it is two hours late.

Nithya and Rahul are upset with this delay. Rahul mobile is stolen in the railway station and the only way for him is to contact Nithya is at her residence. She is not there because she is waiting at the railway station for Rahul. The anxiety among the audiences shoots up. The twist in the climax is when both meet not knowing each others identity! Rahul marriage is also fixed but on the engagement day the interference of a thief (who stole Rahul mobile, paintings etc in the train) changes the whole situation.

Pooja Kanwal and Nithya - the sisters in the film are very convincing. Sneha has lost the opportunity given to her. Mithun Tejaswi is superb in his role. He has the right timing to express and delivery dialogue on screen. Three songs are melodiously tuned by Madhukar and the camera is also good. On the whole the film is worth watching although it has shades of the old Beladingala Baale which was the inspiration for the Tamil hit Kadhal Kottai.

Verdict: Average


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