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Indian Baby Names

Collection of Sanskrit Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names

Indian Baby Boy Names
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Aabher    a cow herd
Aadarsh    One who has principles
Aadesh    command; message
Aadhunik    modern, new
Aadi    first; most important
Aadinath    God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, the first God
Aaditey    Son of Aditi
Aagney    son of the Fire God
Aahlaad    delight
Aahwaanith    one who has been invited,wanted
Aakanksh    Desire
Aakar    form, shape
Aakash    the sky, vast like the sky
Aalap    musical prelude
Aalok    Cry of victory
Aamod    pleasant, accept
Aandaleeb    The Bulbul bird
Aarit    one who seeks right decision
Aarshey    the relative of rishi
Aarush    the first ray of sun
Aashish    blessings; Aashirwad
Aatish    Explosive, a Dynamic person
Abbas    a family name
Abhay    fearless
Abheek    fearless
Abhidi    radiant
Abhihit    expression, word, name
Abhijat    Noble, wise
Abhijay    conquest, complete victory
Abhijit,Abhijeet     victorious
Abhilash    desire
Abhimand    gladdening
Abhimani    full of pride, another name for Agni as the eldest son of
Abhimanyu    Arjuna's son
Abhimod    joy, delight
Abhinand    to rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight
Abhinandan    felicitous, welcoming
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